What is Credit Insurance?

It is an instrument that protects companies from the risk of non-payment of credit sales in the national and international market caused by declared or presumed insolvency. In addition, it helps companies select the best customers and therefore grow in their markets.

How does the Credit Insurance work?


In the event of a loss, the Company will indemnify up to 90% of the non-payment, in this way the insured retains a minority part of the risk, managing to maintain a policy of granting and administering credits in a responsible manner.


The entire credit portfolio must be insured, or a part of it defined according to objective selection criteria agreed between the Company and the insured.

Risk analysis

The Risk Analysis Department is highly specialized through professionals of excellence dedicated to analyzing and monitoring the clients of our Policyholders, with the main objective of being able to anticipate a possible non-payment.

We have the largest database of Peruvian risks in the world, permanently updated according to financial information, data from public databases and the crossing of information regarding the payment behavior of customers with each of their suppliers, a variable highly valued by our Insured.

InSur has an Automatic Credit Limit Approval System, allowing our Policyholders to have access to instant answers online through InSur’s ExtraNet technology platform.

Types of Coverage
Credit Insurance

Domestic Credit Insurance

Covers credit sales made in the national market to legal entities with a commercial line of business, which allows entering new markets by increasing sales.

Export Credit Insurance

It covers credit sales made in the international market, which allows entering new markets with less risk, thanks to the evaluation carried out by experts and the constant monitoring of the portfolio. Our collection management abroad allows us to reduce possible legal, language and cultural differences between the insured and their debtor client.

International Credit Insurance

It provides coverage for credit sales made by companies established or domiciled outside of Peru, or subsidiaries of our policyholders, and who wish to cover their exports or sales in the local market.

Complementary Services

Portfolio evaluation and monitoring

The portfolio of credit clients is evaluated through a financial analysis carried out by specialists, complemented by constant monitoring that allows anticipating payment problems.

Collection in case of Claims

Insur will take care of the collection procedures and the costs incurred, both in Peru and in the rest of the world.


In cases of non-payment due to declared insolvency (bankruptcy) or presumed.


1. Protection

It protects companies from the risk of non-payment of their credit sales both in Peru and abroad.

2. Analysis

We have expert risk analysts in specific markets.

3. + Sales

It allows you to increase sales due to the possibility of accessing more and better customers.

4. Automation

We have automated online approval systems and portfolio monitoring.

5. History

13 years of history of payment behavior of thousands of debtors.

6. Classification

It improves the financial classification of the company since it transforms accounts receivable into low-risk assets.

7. Structure

It allows ordering and structuring credit policies.

Evaluación y seguimiento de la cartera

Se evalúa la cartera de clientes a crédito a través de un análisis financiero realizado por especialistas, complementado con un monitoreo constante que permite anticipar problemas de pago.

Cobranza en caso de Siniestros

Insur se encargará de las gestiones de cobranza y de los costos incurridos, tanto en Perú como en el resto del mundo.


En casos de no pago por insolvencia declarada (quiebra) o presunta.

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